Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Hate Crime

According to Home Office figures, analysed by the Guardian, of every thousand crimes recorded on Merseyside over a year, 14 of them were hate crimes.

Recording hate crimes as such is a fairly recent thing and they are clearly statistically quite rare (with numbers falling nationally)

But if you are the victim of one of these, or a witness, the fact that it's statistically rare won't be much of a comfort.

On Merseyside, by far the biggest category of Hate Crime are those around Race (more than one thousand)

(There is a definition of hate crime along with the figures and some analysis  in the Guardian article which you can find here)

This for me is one of those categories of crime where raising awareness and increasing understanding is part of the battle.  And as the role of Police and Crime Commissioner is about reducing crime, it's clearly important that this gets focused on.

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