Friday, 16 November 2012

Results due today

The results from yesterday's Police and Crime Commissioner election on Merseyside will be announced later today.

The votes get counted from 9 30 am this morning.

I am  not sure how long it will take to get a result, but from what I saw at polling stations yesterday, there aren't a huge number of votes to count.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me.  I think this is a really important job,and if I am not successful I really hope it will go to someone who can give it the time and the focus it will need.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Debates - we need more!

A gentleman phoned me today to say he would have loved to come to a debate but there wasn't one he could get to that was near enough to him.

And because this election has been and felt a bit last minute, some of the hustings have been organised at breakneck speed too.

And yet there have been more hustings in this election than I remember in any General Election I have taken part in.  Considerably more.

But clearly there have not been enough and the geographical spread hasn't worked.

I think this is a case where parties will need in future to work together to make sure there are hustings in each part of the sub region and that there are enough, at varied times, to give everyone a chance to come along.

I spoke to Labour and the Conservatives last night to say that next time this election is fought we need to co operate to make sure there is a good spread of opportunties.

I think the people organising the hustings, including Concept PR, the Chamber of Commerce and the South Central Active Forum, have been great in the way they have taken the initiative.

But its still left us with gaps and it was too late to fill those gaps.

Memo to self and others.. need to do better next time!

Debate last night

Thanks to the South Central Active Forum (Liverpool) for organising the candidates' debate at the Kuumba Imani Centre.

I thought it was a really well run event and really did give people a chance to ask a range of questions.

Well done and thanks to the team.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Liverpool Debate Society

Congratulations to everyone at the Liverpool University Debate Society for organising such a  well run candidate's hustings last night.

It was great to see so many students who knew about the election and were keen to discuss the issues.

More visible policing

You'll never have a policeman standing on every street corner and it would feel a bit odd if you did.

But many people say that they want the police to be more visible.  It's part of helping communities feel safe but it's also part of the police re inforcing their role.

I've been posting various items from my manifesto and today I am briefly focusing on this aspect - visibility of policing.

The police already hold meetings in communities.  And the PCSOs near me do a good job of turning up at events like fun days and running stalls.

But there must be a lot more that can be done simply to increase the visibility, and therefore easy accessibility of the police.

We all know the places in our communities where there is "high footfall" - that is there is a lot of people coming and going.  These are ideal locations for regular police "counters" where people can come and raise things, see their local bobby and make appointments if  they need to.  Yet this doesn't seem to happen that often.

Obviously you can't start discussing something sensitive, or sharing someone's private details, in the frozen food aisle at the Co op (!) but you can have other conversations, and these are the sort of conversations that both help communities be and feel safer and help the police in their work.

If elected I'll want to encourage this sort of approach to get the most out of the police/public interaction.

Let's face it, until they invent time travel we can all only be in one place at one time.  That's why its important the polcie make that one place count!

Friday, 9 November 2012

Manifesto posts

I said I would post my manifesto details on this blog over a period of time rather than have a huge block of text.

I have published some already so here are the links to topics chosen so far. (Because of a tech glitch I have republished these links which were'nt workingn the other day.)


Hate Crime

Getting people's views

Late Night levy and extra funds

Fear of Crime

Full time Job

More visible policing

More posts are coming an I will also add them to this list. 

Debates coming up

There are two debates next week which are open to the public (the first one is ticketed because of numbers)

On Monday (12th) evening Liverpool University's debate society plays host to a hustings. (Details are on the society's website which you can find here.)

And on Tuesday the Kuumba Imani centre on Princes Road does the same.

The Debate Society event, which is the ticketed one, is due to start at 6 30.

The Kuumba Imani centre event starts around 7pm.